Paving the Way for More Possibilities

Paving the Way for More Possibilities

We install paver patios in Brookline, MO

When you're eager to upgrade your home's appearance, it can be easy to overlook simple renovations like luxury patios and driveways. Elliott Hauling in Brookline, MO can create beautiful paver patios, driveways, sidewalks and pool decks that will take your home up a notch.

With a huge range of stones, finishes, shapes and patterns, you're bound to find the perfect style for your space. Whether you're looking for antique cobble, serpentine, turf stone or slab, we have exactly what your project needs.

Call 417-830-7177 to ask about our custom paver driveways and patios.

Affordable paving solutions for your home or office

Paver driveways and patios are a better, more affordable alternative to concrete. Not only are they more stylish, but paver stones are also:

  • Durable: The interlocking paver stones offer more give, preventing cracks and potholes under heavy vehicles or when the ground shifts.
  • Easy to maintain: Instead of having to resurface your entire patio, pool deck or driveway, paver stones can be replaced individually.
  • Comfortable: Paver patios and pool decks are often cooler to walk on and offer a smoother surface for bare feet.

It’s time to upgrade your concrete to beautiful paver patios, driveways and sidewalks. Reach out to us in Brookline, MO today to schedule a free on-site consultation.